Introduce My Self


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Name              : Ellya Estri Septianingrum
Nick                 : Ellya
PDB                  : Tuban, September 5th 1992
Religion         : Islamism
Blood group :B
Address         : remote areas in Rengel makes you desperate to reach it (already evidenced by my fiancé candidates)
Status              : single (plan on getting married but do not know when the completion), a member of the IPhE family 2010 State                      University of Surabaya
Hobby            : watch movies via your laptop, listen to the song that the lyric is strange
Activities      : FB, twitter, “butterfly” , hanging out, College
Contact          :
Blog                 :
email               :
g-talk              : ellya.purnomo
Self description : I don’t know how myself, maybe you can ask my friends or maybe a girlfriend of mine who often became a target when I was in bad mood. Anyway if I’ve been hurt by somebody then I’ll shut the door, hehehe.
Motto : times is money
Principle :
The contains, the more looked down
Talk less, do more, as the rule


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